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International Women's Day

8th March 2023

Sr Mary Jo McElroy and Katharine Salmon

(Hosted by Root and Branch)

What if…

What if…

What if....

Mary, Founder of Christianity

Dr Chris Maunder

1st October 2022

Presentation pdf

CWO in the media

Catholic Womens Ordination

BBC Points West 12 May 2019

CWO celebrated 20 years of campaigning on

24 March 2013, one of the coldest days of the year!

The struggle goes on.

“I Still Have Joy” and “Amazing Grace”

arranged by Peter Amidon, in his collection  

“Fifty-Five Anthems for the Small Church Choir” –

Pat Brown discussing Pope Francis on BBC News  (2013)

Pippa Bonner on BBC News

What if…

Women called

Pippa… My calling ordained ministry in a reformed Roman Catholic Church

Pippa… What form I hope my ministry would take

Olive… My vocation to ordained ministry

Olive… I pray in difficult places,

I feel the pain of being rejected

Katharine… Why I came to CWO

The Sin of Sexism

Jillian Dempsey talks about the injustice of excluding women from ordained ministry and how that exclusion denies women’s gifts to the Church.

Lala explains the significance of wearing purple 

Pat… Why I’m in CWO – a justice issue that women can’t test their call to priesthood.

Tim… CWO is a justice issue for me.

You can’t leave out half the human race.

Pat… Institutional misogyny and how women

especially in developing world are affected

Michael speaks about how he has been inspired to campaign for women priests. He speaks of the early church when women and men were equally involved in ministry.

Origin of CWO and why people are part of this movement

Lala speaks of the beginnings of CWO and how her experience of drama has informed her development of meaningful liturgy. 

Pippa Bonner… Why I joined CWO

Myra tells of the start of our movement.

“There’s a whole fault line in the Roman catholic church about women”

Spiritual sustenance and liturgy in CWO

Pat… CWO as spiritual sustenance

Pippa… Why I’m in CWO – spiritual sustenance

Pat… Sustained at Church by laity

– inspirational liturgies

Lala discusses the liturgy

CWO Theology

Katharine… Jesus’ attitude to women

and women in the early church

Katharine… Women Doctors of the Church

Pat… Course in Women’s ministry

organised by Leeds CWO

Myra discusses the book Making All Things New

Women’s Ordination Worldwide

Pat Brown on WOW

Our foremothers

Ianthe Pratt has been involved in the Feminist movement in this country for many years. She ran The Association for Inclusive Language in the Liturgy. 

In an interview in 1993 (CWO’s founding year) she was reported in the Catholic Herald saying she was certain there would be women priests.  “I don’t believe you should deny someone something on the grounds of biology”. Ianthe has been and continues to be an inspiration to us all.

Una Kroll was trained as a surgeon, later became a nun and was ordained as a priest in the Church of England in 1993 after decades of campaigning for equality for women in religious organisations.

She then became a Roman Catholic to fight for justice for Roman Catholic women called to priesthood. She is also author of many books on feminism and spirituality including Flesh of My Flesh.


…a woman’s lifelong story of what influenced her within the Catholic Church and organisations, including CWO.

In her 90s, Eileen Sikorski recalls some of the influences on her faith journey. This spans links with St Joan’s Alliance (founded in 1911 advocating women’s equality in the church) and CWO. She keenly supports CWO locally, regrets that she did not say more about it on the video and is known to many CWO members nationally with whom she has campaigned over the years in faith groups . She illustrates that age does not dampen her enthusiasm and inspires many of us to continue CWO’s work.

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